SuperHMO Prebiotic for Kids - 5 HMOs

Premium HMO mix for Kids older than 12 months: 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL), Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT), Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT), 6'-Sialyllactose (6'SL), and 3'-Sialyllactose (3'SL). This combination mimics the composition of the true HMO profile found in breast milk.

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SuperHMO® Prebiotic for Kids - 5 HMOs


Premium HMO mix for Kids older than 12 months: 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL), Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT), Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT), 6'-Sialyllactose (6'SL), and 3'-Sialyllactose (3'SL). This combination mimics the composition of the true HMO profile found in breast milk.

Happy Tummy: HMOs feed the good bugs in the gut and support a balanced and healthy gut environment for kids.

Smart Brain: HMOs, when consumed by the probiotics in the gut, produce metabolites that fuel childrens' brain and cognitive development. This is why infant formulas have started to include HMOs since 2015.

Strong Immune System: It is estimated ~70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so it's crucial to give your baby the building blocks they need from the start.

Five Types of HMOs: 5 of the most abundant HMOs in human milk: 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL), Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT), Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT), 6'-Sialyllactose (6'SL), and 3'-Sialyllactose (3'SL).


Packaging: 45 g (powder)
Weight: 45 g

Dosage: 1 Scoop (1 gram)
Servings Per Container: 45

  Composition  Amount per serving % NRV*
  2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL) 540 mg -
  Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT) 150 mg -
  Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT) 140 mg -
  6'-Sialyllactose (6'SL) 120 mg -
  3'-Sialyllactose (3'SL) 50 mg -

Other Ingredients: Contains trace amount of lactose (milk)

*NRV - Nutrient Reference Value


For best results, please take 1/2 scoop per day with water in the first 7-14 days and you may increase to 1 full scoop per day under the supervision of a pediatrician. Do not exceed 1 scoop per day.


  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use if the packaging is damaged and contact us.
  • Do not use this product if your child is under age of 1.
  • Do not use this product if you are feeeding your child with infant formula containing human milk oligosaccharides.
  • Please consult your pediatrician before using this product.
  • Food supplement should not be used if breast milk or other foods with added 2′-fucosyllactose, lacto-N-tetraose, lacto-N-neotetraose, 6'-sialyllactose or 3'-sialyllactose are consumed the same day.
  • Food supplement should not be used as a replacement for a healthy balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Store in tightly closed containers at room temperature in a dry place.


Surely, you have noticed that our descriptions are less concrete and they are general. The provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims does not allow us to describe the effects of our supplements on the human body. You can find more information in free resources on the internet, literature or on social media. You can find nice videos with subtitles on YouTube.




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  1. Sylvia

    - 01.12.2023

    Too early to see results but taste delicious. Like cotton candy

  2. Stephanie

    - 30.11.2023

    Great Product. This has worked really well for both of my sons!

  3. Lana V

    - 15.11.2023

    Mix with 5 HMOs For Kids. I have used the adult version of SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix with 5 HMOs daily since March 2023 and have noticed a major difference. The only reason I purchased the 'kids' version was because the adult one was out of stock. I did not want to interrupt my schedule waiting for a backorder. I love this product. It is a bit pricey but so worth it!

  4. NJ

    - 14.10.2023

    It Works! SuperHMO has been a game changer for my kid with DS and autistic behaviours. Original stool test showed no growth of Lactobacillus spp. and I'm most sure HMOs has increased levels. Since using I've seen more awareness, socialability, eye contact and communication. Of all products used, it has brought the most notable improvements. Will continue to use for as long as I can.

  5. Kirsten J

    - 28.09.2023

    Helped with constipation. Our 4 year old has struggled this last year with constipation. We’ve done everything from adjusting diet to supplements to suppositories which although all have their place, nothing brought consistency. He was diagnosed with a heart condition at age 2, that constipation exasperated. With being on this product, we now have consistent DAILY stools, and no flare up tachycardia episodes. This is a very easy product to use-dissolves easily in any liquid, no grit, no off putting flavor-Very happy.

  6. Grace S

    - 16.03.2023

    No more constipation! My son, age 6, really struggled with constipation after starting Kindergarten. He has been on this product 3 weeks and has gone every single day! He also stopped complaining of stomach aches. So thankful to have found this supplement!

  7. Nikol R

    - 08.03.2023

    Great for my growing baby! This product came highly recommended to me by our health consultant and we are seeing great improvement with our baby’s digestion and gain a peace of mind knowing we are contributing to our daughter’s well being! Product easily dissolves into her formula and helps supply her with what she needs. Thank you!

  8. Lauren B

    - 13.01.2023

    Great product! This product was recommended for my 20 month year old son after completing a tiny health gut test, as a way to build up his immunity and improve his overall gut health. I liked the product so much that I decided to use it for my four year old as well, who has struggled with constipation since infancy. This product has done wonders! He is having BMs consistently at least every other day, if not every day. Very thankful for this product!