Uniqueness of ReMag® Magnesium

Uniqueness of ReMag® Magnesium


Highly absorbable ReMag Magnesium is a liquid magnesium product. The production involves the use of pure magnesium chloride, which undergoes an 18-step process that converts magnesium chloride into a concentrate of stabilized magnesium ions the size of a picometre. It is formulated to be optimally absorbed and cause minimal digestive discomfort.

ReMag mineral supplement is carefully manufactured from a pure magnesium chloride source and formulated to deliver stabilized magnesium ions smaller in diameter than mineral ion channels in cells. This makes it a true Magnesium Miracle because it offers a highly absorbable form of elemental magnesium.

ReMag is known for its safety, ease of use and effectiveness. The ReMag manufacturing company purchases magnesium ingots of 99.98–99.99% purity. Our magnesium chloride therefore contains only 0.01 to 0.02% of impurities. This compares very favourably with high quality versions of magnesium citrate, which has a purity of 98%, or magnesium chloride from salt lakes, which has a purity of 96%. The purity of 99.98 to 99.99% is crucial, regardless of the source.

Source of minerals for the production

The source of minerals for ReMag is raw material from San Bernadino, California. We have a unique and patented process to make ReMag from magnesium chloride, which sets it apart from other magnesium products. ReMag contains Mg2+ (positively charged magnesium ions) and Cl- (negatively charged chloride ions). Ions have so-called valence states. The balanced valence state is 0. Ions are usually very unstable particles that become neutral. Our technology ensures that the individual ions in the solution remain simple (monatomic) by stabilization (creating a neutral charge), and do not combine back into a complex molecule, which distinguishes it from other supplements. Magnesium ions combine most readily with hydrogen and oxygen to form magnesium oxides and hydroxides. Our process ensures that the magnesium ions do not do so, but remain as individual Mg2+ magnesium ions, the form most suitable for the body and also requiring no energy for absorption.

The real secret to our process is that we fully manage all the factors in the ionization process so that the finished product is a monoatomic picometre-sized ionic form of magnesium and remains so as a result of its electrically neutral stability. Purity is another factor that makes ReMag very different from other magnesium supplements.

What about chloride?

Chloride is an essential mineral for humans. It is a major mineral nutrient found primarily in body fluids. Chloride is the most abundant negatively charged ion in the blood, accounting for approximately 70% of the body’s negative ion content.

Chloride serves as one of the main electrolytes in the body. Chloride, among other minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium, helps conduct electrical impulses in the body. In addition to its function as an electrolyte, chloride combines with hydrogen in the stomach to form hydrochloric acid, which is critical to the digestive process. Chloride ions are crucial in regulating pH in the body. The constant exchange of chloride and bicarbonate ions between red blood cells and blood plasma helps regulate pH balance and transport carbon dioxide, a waste product of respiration, out of the body.

Healthy individuals can tolerate the intake of very large amounts of chloride, and the body easily excretes excess chloride through the kidneys. Toxicity or excess chloride is always seen in individuals with existing kidney disease, but chloride itself is not the cause of the disease.

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