Complement Formulas for RnA ReSet products

Complement Formulas for RnA ReSet products


Complement Formulas is a proprietary name for RnA ReSet products. The idea is that these products should be:
  • Highly absorbable
  • Meeting the requirements of vegan, ketogenic, paleo and other special diets
  • As natural as possible
  • Providing the basic building blocks for supplementing the diet

Highly absorbable

The first product in the range was ReMag - Liquid Magnesium. This product with a high concentration of magnesium was created on the basis that the most widely sold form of magnesium at the time was a magnesium oxide dietary supplement with an absorption rate of around 4%.

Dr Dean wanted supplements with more absorption rate in order to take more absorbable magnesium in one dose. ReMag, with 60,000 ppm of magnesium, fulfilled her desire. With a 2.5 ml spoon, you get 150 mg of magnesium in one dose, isn’t that amazing?

That’s why Dr Dean also warns consumers to check whether the label indicates the total weight of the substance (compound) in which magnesium is found or whether the amount of magnesium is listed directly, which is more clear and accurate.

It is also good to check what dosage the magnesium value applies to – for example, whether you need to take 3 tablets or just one teaspoon. This then determines how long one package is used for. Will you consume the product in a month, or in more than half a year as in the case of ReMag 480 ml?

ReMag’s patented manufacturing process became the basis for all of Dr Dean’s other highly concentrated mineral supplements: ReMyte, ReCalcia, Pico Potassium and Pico Zinc Plus.

Vegan, ketogenic, paleo and other special diets

We live in a time of many possibilities. Whether your diet includes vegan, ketogenic or paleo diet components, Complement Formulas can also be included in these special diets. We are very grateful for Omega 3 A+E for example. This product contains the now highly touted Omega 3 and 6. These unsaturated fatty acids, which make up the membranes of cells, can be obtained from fish or directly from the source from which fish obtain them: algae. We have chosen this green approach. If you’ve just shivered at the thought of eating seaweed, we can guarantee that you won’t recognize the origin of these omega acids in the taste.

As natural as possible

No unnecessary ingredients. No colourings. Purely natural preservatives to maintain the quality of the product. Our products are GMO-free, so we can also market them in Europe. If there is a natural raw material available, we always prefer this source.

Providing the basic building blocks for supplementing the diet

Dr Dean created the RnA ReSet products based on more than 40 years of experience in private medical practice. The nutritional practices she has refined and perfected over so many years have resulted in these cornerstones. You can check them out here: RnA ReSet products.

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